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Orleans B & B - Ottawa RiverView

994 Terra Nova Dr
Ottawa, ON, CA
K1C 5M4
Phone: 1-613-824-2556

A Pleasant Maisonette and Gardens in the Orleans Community of Ottawa

Alternative to Hotels

Why Stay at our Orleans Bed and Breakfast?

  • The original Orleans Bed and Breakfast since 1997
  • 15 min from Parliament
  • Located near major bus routes, free off-street parking
  • Lodging is close to highway and shopping districts but in a quiet residential area
  • Shopping centers, churches, and grocery stores are within walking distance
  • Quiet and serene holiday environment, surrounded with intriging gardens
  • The home is on a ravine lot on the Ottawa river surrounded by walking and ski trails
  • Conservation areas for swimming and fishing are minutes away

A Private Exclusive Retreat

In Webster's dictionary an oasis is defined as a place that provides "refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast". Belita's A Pleasant Maisonette and Gardens in Ottawa's east end community of Orleans provides all this and more.

During the spring and summer, the gardens provide a wonderful retreat in which to take an afternoon stroll or spend some time with your favourite book.

A Pleasant Maisonette and Gardens is ideal for the individual traveller or couples who would prefer to stay in a home-like environment rather than a hotel or motel.

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